Prologue - The Golden Attitude

Golden means a precious element, something valuable and
means a predisposition to behave or think in a certain way.

Beyond Positive Mental Attitude

There is a tool that can help you through tough times and enable you to enjoy more good times in your life. I call it The Golden Attitude. When I was a boy I had this recurring dream. It was always a bright sunny day, early in the morning and I would get into a small silver single engine airplane. I would sit in the pilot’s seat and the engine would start by itself, roll down the runway and slowly lift off the ground. I could control the height and direction of the plane with my thoughts. The plane would climb and turn in response to my thought, and I could view a beautiful distant world below. I felt exhilarated as I escaped the bonds of the earth. As the plane climbed higher my view expanded and from this loftier view everything looked clean and orderly. When viewed from this higher perspective everything seemed to slow down and any fears or concerns I had seemed to lessen and then vanish. After enjoying my flight of fantasy for a time it would occur to me I didn’t know how to land the plane. Despite my anxious feelings the plane kept right on flying and eventually, without ever knowing how, I would manage to magically land the plane safely. Sometime the dream ended when I simply woke up from my dream in the middle of the flight, somewhat relieved since I was aware that I didn’t know how to land the plane. I didn’t know how my dream would end.

When I was a young man this dream changed and the airplane was replaced with a flying carpet which I could also control with my thoughts. It was one of those beautiful multicolored, exotic, oriental carpets. The advantage of the flying carpet was its ability to go straight up or down and even hover motionless over any area I would choose. I could focus on a specific detail. I could slowdown or even stop to examine a point of interest. Again, I was high above the ground sitting on an open carpet and yet I always felt safe. I was in control of my flight with my thoughts. The magic carpet afforded a much more detailed view of the terrain. It was still always a beautiful bright sunny day. On the magic carpet, I could linger and savor any scene I could dream. I enjoyed and cherished these dreams but did not begin to understand their message for many years.

Today I realize that my thoughts can change everything that I experience. Although I shared my recurring dreams with others I never thought of actually taking flying lessons in a real airplane. Thoughts and dreams must be acted upon to become reality and sometimes we receive help in unexpected ways from unexpected sources.

One birthday I received a thoughtful and unusual gift from my wife. She presented me with a letter from the local airport stating the first thousand dollars of private flying lessons had been paid for and I should contact them for an appointment for my first lesson. Imagine my surprise! My wife asked me, “Will you take the lessons?” I said, “Sure.” She prodded, “When?” I said, “Soon.” She asked, “How soon?” I hesitated a moment and then replied, “I’ll call them right now.” I called the airport and they said, “Can you come today? We have an airplane and an instructor available right now.” Before the end of that clear sunny day in January I had completed my first three hours of instruction. Those first three hours were a lot more difficult than flying in my dreams and earning my private pilot’s license was challenging and even fearful at times. It took me about a year to complete my instruction and pass the flight and written tests to earn the right to fly, take passengers and share my new world. It felt great to experience the accomplishment of mastering the skill to fly my own airplane.

In retrospect I can see that our world is shaped by the way we choose to see it. A positive, forward-looking attitude enables us to do wonderful things. Sometimes we have no idea how we can accomplish the things we dream, but if we trust the universe and move in the direction of our dreams it is amazing how much we can accomplish and how interesting our life can be.


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