HIGH IMPACT Lectures & Workshops

If you would like to invite me for a lecture or a workshop please email jackestaley@att.net

Below is a partial list of topics. These topics can be combined in different variations or taught as a standalone module. The duration of a presentation can be anywhere from a one-hour keynote lecture to FOUR ONE DAY MEETINGS.


       • Building and Maintaining Relationships
       • Unleashing Your Imagination
       • Setting and Achieving Your Goals
       • Managing Yourself and Time
       • Taking an Inventory of Your Selling Skills
       • Value Added Selling
       • Probing Techniques and Listening Skills
       • Five Keys to Your Career Success
       • Buying Signals and Closing Techniques
       • Plus Customized Programs to Your Needs


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Jack Stanley 7121 Westover Drive, Granbury, Texas 76049


Phone: 817-964-6068

Email: jackestaley@att.net

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