Improve Your Attitude

How to Improve Your Attitude Toward Life and Self

Don't spend too much time thinking about and dwelling on the problems of life. When you over-think the things you don't like, the lack of money, the feeling that you're too fat, too weak, not appreciated, you will simply bring more misfortune and unhappiness into your life. It's as if all the things you seem to not like are the seeds that bring more like things into your awareness, into your consciousness. If you see problems all around you and you believe in the concept of "Likes Attract", then you have to change your thoughts from what you don't want and what you don't like into thoughts of what you do want and what you do like.

Remember nature's message contained in every seed. Remind yourself that if you have corn and worry that you don't have enough corn and horde all the corn you have, it's inevitable you are going to run out of corn because you'll eventually use it all. But if you take some of your corn and plant it in a field, the seeds will germinate, grow into a corn stalk and the stalk will produce from one to four ears of corn. Each ear can have from 200 to 1200 kernels of corn on it. Just imagine how the corn multiplies and brings more of the same. Remember that you never plant corn and get a sweet potato or anything else; you always get back what you plant. Remember that your thoughts are the seeds you plant in the fertile soil of your mind. Whatever thought you plant will produce more of the same. Remember that the seed must be nourished and it will take time to come to fruition.

Remember that you are as much a part of this universe as any other creation. You were born with innate talents and you get to choose how you give expression to your talents. The entire universe is yearning to be expressed through all forms life. Your greatest power is the power to choose how to express yourself. Sometimes you might look back on your life and say you're aware of a missed opportunity here or there, or if only you'd done this or that. Other days you say you're glad you left that job because it led to you to taking a new and better job which was much more fulfilling or much more interesting or better paying. The reality is that your past did bring you to the present moment, the now. Whatever great opportunities you missed in the past or whatever ones you seized in the past are not as important as the opportunities that lie ahead. In this vast universe that you are a part of, there are infinite possibilities as you move forward from this now moment.

Take time to occasionally get really quiet with yourself and say, "Here's where I am, or here's what I'm doing". Stop, pause, and get quiet for a moment and think or tell your inner self what you really want to happen, be that physical possession, health, job, relationship, or something you want to do like travel or write. Focus on what you want, giving no thought at all to what you don't want and then get quiet, shut your eyes and focus on your deep breathing. Be quiet and listen to your guidance. Sometimes the answer will come in a moment, sometimes it will come if you sit for ten minutes, an hour, the next day, or perhaps even when you go to bed, sleep on it, and wait until morning for the answer. The answers will come. Pay attention to the ideas that come to your mind, the inspiration you feel, hunches, or the chance meetings that come into your life.

Be aware of what the universe is presenting to you and move step by step towards those things that you want. If you do that, you find that life is exciting and there's something new happening all the time.


Become inspired by the actions of people around you, what they've done, by their biographies or simply the life stories of the people you meet. Look for one unique inspiring quality that you believe exists in every person you meet.


Think of yourself as a very positive person but realize you still have a lot of negative thoughts. Practice the Golden Attitude which forces you to look for and at the good in everything that happens. Keep looking for the good because it's only when you plant the seed of good, can something good come out of adversity. When you focus on the good you nourish it and it multiplies, just like the corn. Remember that you can't plant the corn and instantaneously get 1200 kernels back, it always takes time. Remember that nature gives guidance to all of creation. This guidance is available to me as well. Here's the only difference, you have free will to choose whatever you want. Think about what you want, or worry about what I don't want and in either case that's what you'll get more of.


How to Have a Golden Attitude

Whatever happens tell yourself that's GOOD

Ask yourself what's good about it
Keep searching for the good until you find it

"Every adversity carries with it the potential for equal or greater good."


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